Jennie Msangi, Canton Administrator


​​​​​​​The Canton Creative Learning Workshop is a fun and exciting place to attend. We have a great staff and plenty of things to keep everyone busy. We serve individuals of every functioning level and ability. Some people who attend here really want to work and learn skills that will help them achieve community employment. They like the money they earn and have set goals to rent an apartment and get their drivers license.

Other individuals are here for the recreational and community activities. They have retired from work and would rather just enjoy life at this time. And still others would like a combination of both aspects.

We design the program around the individual. We sit down with the individual and the people who matter most to the individual and come up with a plan that maximizes the quality of life for the person being served. We look at the person’s interests and abilities, assess their needed supports, and develop a plan that supports, teaches, and encourages their full participation.

Our location has a sensory room that relaxes and calms people who are over stimulated. We offer calming music, movies, comfortable furniture and individualized attention that engages the person and helps achieve a therapeutic bond between the individual and the staff. We have an electric Hoyer lift and mat table for safely moving and changing individuals that need help with their daily living tasks. The atmosphere is one of fun, friendly, and creative activity.

 Stop by and visit us if you are in the Canton area. We’re always looking for visitors to greet and show around the Workshop.​​

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