Ebony Wilson, Centerburg Administrator

Our workshop is a six hour day program. Serving individuals with mild to profound developmental disabilities, our space is open, bright, airy, and has all the available features. Some of our special features include, but are not limited to, an “Under the Sea” sensory room. Equipped with fabric draped ceilings, four fish tanks, black lights, bubble machines, a flat screen television, and a mural on one whole wall along with positioning equipment. Group and individual activities are offered throughout the day in our habilitation area, which features crafts, games and learning material. Our workshop also offers a vocational area where our clients are able to do sorting and shredding projects in order to earn their own paychecks. Our hope is for our vocational clients to learn new skills to help them gain employment in the community. Stop in anytime 8-4 Monday-Friday.

Coming together is a start. Keeping together is progress. Working together, we make a difference.