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Connie Morris
Education Director
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Creative Learning’s classrooms’ philosophy is for each student’s education to be meaningful and relevant to their life, future and interests. Our educational process is directed to developing young adults to become purposely employed members of their community.

Creative Learning Workshop’s classrooms strive to achieve the following:
To provide customized care for every individual and family we serve using communication as the foundation.
To prepare, train and empower our students so that they are successful in transitional and vocational opportunities.
To have an active partnership with parents, students and the community in fostering a respectful and sensory friendly environment using Evidence-based Practices.

Our classroom program has been developed to allow high school students to begin their transition into adulthood. Our hope is that the students’ last days of high school will be most like their first days in their workplace. The students will be assessed for both interest and talents for vocational skills. Our employment opportunities will encourage the continued development of the highest potential of work, social and living skills during the clients’ day. Each classroom has an Intervention Specialist and a Paraprofessional to teach academics, work on IEP goals, and begin the transition to adult living.

Our program will include:
*Career Assessment and Counseling
*Vocational Training and Employment
*Social Skills
*Leisure and Recreation
*Independent Living Skills
*Money Management
*Character and Self Esteem Building
*Individualized Planning
*Community Involvement
*Academics and IEP Progress

We prepare young adults for post-secondary transition through Evidence-Based Practices in a sensory friendly environment partnering with our Workshop’s and community vocational opportunities. Our classroom locations are presently in Geauga County/Newbury, Clark County/Springfield and Trumbull County/Warren. New locations coming soon!
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