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Steelee Jordan

Lucasville Administrator

In Lucasville, we strive to encourage independence among our individuals. Our work site is accessible to those who are ambulatory as well as non-ambulatory. We provide a 6 hour day program that includes a variety of things such as active treatment, personal care, group activities, and sensory stimulation. We have a beach themed sensory room assists those who require a quiet space to calm down or regroup. Our sensory room is equipped with positioning equipment, a television, sounds of the ocean, and variety of sensory items.

Not only do we provide a chance for socialization and arts and crafts, but we also provide the opportunity for a individual to earn money. We have a vocational area where our individuals are able to earn money by shredding paper, assembly jobs, janitorial task, as well as a mowing crew. We also encourage and assist our individuals with obtaining community employment. The goal of our vocational program is to encourage all of our individuals to become active and productive members of our community. We strive to help all of our individuals obtain the skills they need to help they achieve success in the community as well as in their personal lives.

Feel free to stop by for a tour-- We always welcome visitors. We look forward to meeting you soon!