CLW New Paris offers a wide variety of activities each day. These activities could include, but not be limited to, paid vocational work in our production area, vocational tasks to train new skills, exercise, sensory stimulation, current events, leisure groups, socialization and safety training.

You could join us for  lunch in a relaxed but well supervised dining area to promote a real life experience in a safe environment. Following lunch, relax in the quiet serene sensory area for a few minutes and then join the afternoon exercise group to get you energized and prepared for the afternoon. After getting your blood pumping in the exercise group, you could take part in a craft project or art class to learn a new hobby. Before you know it an entire day has come and gone….. and there’s still more you’d like to do at CLW. No worries. At CLW New Paris we offer a 6 hour day hab and training day 5 days a week. Come again tomorrow and experience more than an average day.

Are you more of a worker? We have just the program for you. Our community employment piece successfully carves a community job for you. You will have someone by your side during the interview process, pre-employment paperwork process, and even someone to remind you of your schedule. CLW employs a job coach to help guide you along. We even offer transportation. Someone to encourage you and teach you your job, assist with employer interaction, and when you’re ready… someone to watch you walk into your potential and independence.

Our goal is to offer a wide variety of activities and opportunities in a new and creative way to enrich lives and develop individuals potential.

Dede Wright-Deloney, New Paris Administrator

Enriching lives and developing potential.