WE HAVE MOVED to 3835 Old Clifton Road.

​​The CLW Springfield location has serving the Clark County area since 2008. Since the opening day, CLW has continued in making strides in client achievements, and keeping up with the ever changing growth of this field. 

One of the best stories that I can share, that will sum up what we offer and provide, is a story about David. At CLW we were having a carnival day, that consisted of playing a bunch of games and everyone dressed up in costumes.  It was fantastic. David, on this day was dressed as a fortune teller, and even had a fortune teller booth.  He stopped me and asked if I wanted my fortune read. Of course I said yes. As he grabbed my hand and pulled me in closer to him, without batting an eye he looked at me and said, "You are going to help me find a job one day." After I celebrated that moment, I contacted his Path Coordinator and got the ball rolling on community employment. About a year after that carnival day, David has a job doing office work at a local company. The day he was hired, he threw his arms up and said, "I did it!  I did it!"  

The CLW Springfield location helps to identify and accomplish the goals that one has in their life.

Heather Collinsworth, Springfield Administrator/LPN

Take my hand and together we can.