Where all the pieces fit together

The Warren CLW is a happy and friendly environment. We gear the day to the needs of each person served. We work together with the individual and the people in their life to develop a plan and routine that will help them reach their full potential. We look at the individual’s likes, dislikes, strengths, needs, and wants to determine what plan will be implemented and most effective for them to reach goals that are identified.

Our work site is a 6 hour day program and offers full transportation services. The work site offers a vocational area where individuals are able to do sorting and shredding in order to earn their own paychecks. Our work site also offers leisure activities so individuals and rest when needed.

Our staff to client ratio allows us to give undivided attention to those who need it. We strive to make our program a place where individuals can be creative, learn, and work. We have a lot to offer, please feel free to stop by!

Sheila Moore, Warren Administrator